Phi Wipes MakeUp Remover 50pcs


Specially formulated to gently wipe away makeup and refresh skin in one easy step. Leave skin clean and residue free. Gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin. Ultra-soft conditioning cloths offering you superior cleansing and makeup removal while hydrating and soothing your skin, giving all the care the skin needs in one simple step.



PhiWipes Makeup Remover is a pre-treatment product. Removes makeup on first application. No need to rinse afterward. Safe to use. Chemically tested and Ph balanced. Without strong alcohol smell. Ultra soft and for sensitive skin. Prepare for microblading or PMU treatment. Do it with a single swipe.

  • Ph Balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harsh irritating chemicals
  • Ultra soft
  • For sensitive skin
  • 50 pieces

PhiWipes makeup remover wipes are safe and tested. A cleaning product without strong alcohol smell. Apply it with ease. A Ph balanced product. And it is hypoallergenic. Completely safe to use with any skin type. Ultra soft and amazing for sensitive skin. And also works on broken skin. You can use them on any client. Designed for efficient and hygienic preparation of working environment. Unlike water or neutral soap, Wipes won’t sully client’s face. Works amazing with other PhiAcademy products. The only makeup removal product you need in your salon or purse.

Simple to use. Take it out packaging. Apply it. No need for additional wipes. Cleans most of the makeup on the first try. Also available for home use. Great to use on the go or in the evenings. Just wipe the makeup off. With a single swipe.

Considering the price of other pre and aftercare products. PhiWipes are your competitive edge. No need to buy an array of different products when you can have it all in a pack of wipes. Simply, open up the package and clean up. Prepare the face for microblading or PMU with ease. It’s that simple.

Let your clients ease into the services. Clean their face with PhiWipes makeup remover. Get a hygienic working environment. Buy it for only 18.11. And get 50 pieces for that price. Dissolve 98.5% of makeup after the first application. Makes you more efficient.


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