PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigment SUP Sunset


SUP Sunset is one of the three colors that form the base in microblading color theory. This is actually a yellow pigment.

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SUP Sunset is one of the three colors that form the base in microblading color theory. This is actually a yellow pigment. While it is primarily used to create other tones of color, like Brown 2, Golden Brown and Fox, it can be used on it own for treating light blondes or bleached hair. The SUP formula allowed this type of light color to be applied for the first time without disappearing. With each purchase you receive:

  • .33 oz bottle
  • Original SUP formula
  • 100% microblading quality
  • 0% heavy metals (tested)
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

Sunset is one of the three primary colors used to create various other shades in microblading color theory. It is a yellow pigment which on its own can only be used to when microblading brows of clients who have blonde-yellow or bleached hair. With other primary colors, it can create a varied palette from Brown 2 to Golden Brown and Olive. The pigment also has a stronger honey effect than previous pigments which means it has amazing retention and can last up to a year without requiring a touch-up.

The pigment can be used both for microblading and PMU (when using a PMU machine). It is also a highly concentrated and thick pigment and you might consider using a PhiThinner or other diluting solution to thin its texture. Finally, we recommend you use a PhiMixer to achieve the best results.

SUP is a type of pigment which is a combination of both synthetic pigments (yellow and black) and purified, micronized organic pigments (red iron oxide). This has allowed the formula to be more concentrated, durable and thicker, so just a few drops of it contain more pigment than an entire bottle of its predecessors. The pigment doesn’t contain heavy metals and is 100% safe to use. It is dermatologically-tested and examined for traces of heavy metal using “total opening” tests. The Health Department has approved SUP pigments as cosmetic and tattoo products, available for use across the USA.

Your microblading pigment SUP Sunset comes with a single .33 oz bottle. That’s more than enough pigment for 40 microblading sessions for $85. With an average price like that (around $2), who can resist not getting two bottles? But we’re not greedy. We’ll settle for one. All you have to do is click the button you passed on your upper-right corner and add it to your cart.


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