PhiHair Shampoo 250ml


PhiHair Shampoo is an advanced hair care shampoo developed with a special technology that fills in damaged hair follicles while restoring hair’s natural shine and overall manageability.

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The product is specially designed for high maintenance of hair extensions and is also suitable for advanced repair of fragile and damaged natural hair. Developed with a special anti-frizz effect, protecting the hair against environmental pollution and preventing dehydration, the formula with a rich blend of special nutrients provides deep hair moisture.

Without special care, hair extensions become drier and frizzier faster, which also deeply affects the natural hair health. PhiHair shampoo protects hair against environmental pollution and removes product build up. The formula is very gentle, which is extremely important when it comes to hair extensions, while still providing ultra effective cleansing power. It works at the core to rebalance hair’s pH levels and provide it with the right kind of anti-damage care. With continued use, expect much healthier hair with frizz-free strands.


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