PhiLings Advanced Starter Kit


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We limit access to this product for registered profiles at our webshop only, so it’s obligatory to report to your master which email address you used during your profile registration. After we have access to this information, you will be able to log in and order the kit in a few simple steps. This is applied to ensure that you meet the standards for this product listing as well as this product- category specific requirements.


2 x Phi Scars Microneedling Gel

2 x Phi Spots Microneedling Gel

2 x Phi Body Microneedling Gel

9 x Skin Candy Scar Protection Gel

9 x Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection

1 x Phi Wipes Asept (20pcs)

5 x Microneedling Hair Growth Serum


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